double feature…

angels & demons.

better than i expected. i was a big “da vinci” fan and wasn’t sure if angels & demons could pull it off as a bit of a prequel-sequel.

dusty has read it, i haven’t. dusty said he wished he hadn’t read the book because the movie follows it so well till the end.

bonus for me – i have been studying so many pieces of art history that were shown in the movie!!! st. peter’s basilica/piazza, michelangelo’s work, bernini…and on and on. poor dusty, he had to hear me whispering to him almost constantly about extra tid-bits of art info…

“omgosh, the sistine chapel! i just studied that. look! michelangelo painted this and that..etc.etc.”
star trek.

awesome. excellent cast. surprised myself that i laughed so much.

J.J. Abrams did great. maybe i should have assumed I’d love it since I’m a L O S T fan…

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  1. wasn’t star trek awesome???? i don’t even like the original show but I’ll follow JJ Abrams pretty much anywhere.

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