I made my first blog friend tonight, it was so satisfying. 🙂 A fellow-blogger left me a post to find out where I get the “beach-beanie’s” my baby had on in the Mazatlan pictures…

As I told her – I used to make them myself out of normal bandanas to keep my babies heads safe from the sun then I found these and ordered some for all my kids. They are SO functional & cute! I’ve even been known to throw one on. KJ has an awesome black one with flames on it. They are typically harley accessories, but if anyone else was curious, please share the love (of shopping & cuteness) and order some soon! Whole Sale For Everyone is the place… they are only $3.00!

4 responses to “doo-rags”

  1. Hey Jane, that is so funny that you know suzanne now! hehehe
    I love the idea of the Doo Rags, great for my babies in Hawaii!! But i really want pink like Sela’s, do they have those too??

  2. Hi Jane,
    It was so nice meeting you! Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to check it out. Love, love, love your blog:)

  3. Shannon – yes, you can get pink… there are dozens of choices of prints/solids, you could do the cutest combinations for your twins!

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