done. done. done.

{big sigh}

for eight weeks. no more school, no more projects, no more tests…

i am going to play, play, play, with my family {and friends!}

and sleep. lots.

yesterday, i finished my art history from the renaissance class. we ended with a two-and-a-half hour essay final. i think all went fabulous.
{after staying up all night to study!}

and, I wrapped up my last 2d design class. we ended with a final assignment and a final in-class project. i had to “graffiti” a train. my kind of final!

here is an overview of most my 2d-design projects from the past seven weeks…

we always had to mount our work on black matte boards.
i learned that “spray adhesive” can be a beast!


line evaluation. we had to use a bold line marker, create several blind contour drawings {this is when you look at your object and draw it without looking at your paper while you draw} i drew a favorite owl and a plant. combine two or more of our blind contour drawings and create one 9 x 12 design. Crop a final section to 6 x 8. here it is-
yin-yang. we had to design our own variation of the Chinese yin-yang symbol. the symbol had to have equal positive and negative space. it could be figurative, abstract, or non-objective. the symbol needed to be about four inches square.

I chose to split the yin-yang symbol into six sections because there are six in our family. My husband and I have four children I wanted a more simple, abstract design, and I really like polka-dots. If you notice, I have two sections that are slightly larger than the other four. These two larger sections are the only two that have complete polka-dots within their space. This represents my husband and I, the adults, we are more complete. The smaller sections are not complete yet, with polka-dots always relying on the outer space of their area. our children.
value study. we had to choose a photograph of a face and enlarge it to about 8 1/2 x 11 inches, choosing a 4 x 5 area with good contrast. i chose a picture of my bearzy that becky photographed.

draw a grid of 1/4 inch squares over the 4 x 5 area and number the squares. also number the large grid on the right. create a five-step value scale in one corner, using the 4 x 5 pictures for reference. study each square of the photograph to determine its average value and reproduce that value on the corresponding square using a maximum of two values only per square from my scale. this was the hard part. many times, i wanted to use more than two values per square.

it turned out ok. i love sela’s little arm that sneaked in the picture – she’s saying, “dat’s kiana!”
color. we had to choose on for the four main color harmonies – monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, or triadic. draw a six inch square and create an abstract or non-objective design in the square using your chosen color harmony. The design should portray a mood such as love, hate, envy, jealousy, depression, or any other strong feeling I would like to visualize. Within another six inch square, create another different abstract or non-objective design using a different color harmony depicting the opposite mood of the first design.

Both designs should demonstrate proper use of the elements and principles of design.

I chose to use a complimentary color scheme displaying unity,
and a monochromatic color scheme depicting separation.
rhythm. choose three different styles of music. draw three five or six inch squares and label each with my selected music style. create a design that depicts my interpretation of each music style. use both alternating and progressive rhythm and use various elements to emphasize the differences in the music styles.

bring an example of one of my chosen music styles to play in class.

this was my first finished project for this assignment; after i finished my first three, as much as i liked my designs, they didn’t use both alternating and progressive rhythms,so I did this second one, which turned out better for the assignment requirements… click here to hear my one choice of music that I took to class!
typography. within a 4 x 5 area, create four typographic design each depicting one of the following {list} of choices.

My name is – {jane} and I’m a – { }

I chose nature lover, outlaw, construction worker, and cowgirl –
i downloaded all of my fonts for free, from fontspace
logo. design a symbol to represent an organization or product of my choice. use a limited color palette {preferable black and white only}. Remember that the design is a symbol that represents a product or idea and it should be as simple as possible. You are not creating an illustration or advertisement. Make my symbol about 4 or 5 inches in size.

I chose a fictional sportswear company, “quickstrike.”

state flag. a state flag is supposed to be something that can be recognized as representing the state at a quick glance. Utah’s
flag is rated among the lowest by the North American Vex illogical Association because it break a lot of the basic rules of flat design. Re-design the state flat so it represents the state and can be distinguished at a glance. Keep it simple. Use a maximum of three colors and no lettering or seals.

I chose to represent Utah with blue for our skies, the deeper burnt orange as a representation of Southern Utah’s beauty. And, the white negative space as a seagull, also symbolizing the shape of our northern mountains. The white also symbolizes the white seagull, white sego-lily, our white salt flats, and our snow-capped mountains in winter.

{i won a candy bar in class for this design, woo-hoo!}
drawings. the included sheet {on the left} contains twelve partial line drawings. finish each drawing to form a complete design that you feel shows proper use of the elements and principles of design. Complete each drawing in the designated area.

please keep in mind that each of these square are 2 x 2 inches or less in size!
glasses. using commonplace imagery that usually depicts a city, design a mask in the form of eyeglasses. the mask must be designed on a two-dimensional surface and be wearable…sela liked my finished product…


this class was awesome, for lack of a better word.

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  1. Good for you, Jane. I'm so impressed that you are back in school.

    I agree with Sela, love the glasses.

    I always felt so GREAT after walking out of a final and knowing I was finished with a class for good. Bet you are on cloud nine! Enjoy your break.

  2. PS- the "Chris" comment is from me! Oops. I didn't realize I was signed in under my hubby, although I'm sure he'd be happy for you too. 🙂


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