do it yourself: custom water bottle labels

custom water bottle labels are one of the easiest, inexpensive ways to add a really cute detail to any special event. i have been asked so many times over the years, how do you make/design your custom water bottle labels?

so, for all the people who have left a comment or emailed me, this post is for you! i have two styles to share with you. first, before any of the instructions – you need water bottles! i like Arrowhead water bottles because the labels remove easily & I know a two inch label is going to fit the label space perfectly. + they are usually inexpensive. If you would like to achieve this effect professionally, you can order Custom Water bottled water with your business’s logo and branding on. It’s a really affordable way to impress customers and get more publicity from having your branding out in the world.

for those of you who do not have adobe software, but you have a computer with Word – this is an easy route for you. Before you begin will need Avery labels #5163, they are 2″x 4″, and print 10 labels per sheet.

in Word, you design your labels – however you would like, for any occasion. here i have created a basic summer 2012 BBQ label, and printed them at home.

1 – using basic printer paper, trim each piece of paper into two inch sections. as many as you need.

2. peel off one label, and attach 1/3 of the label to one side of your two inch trimmed printer paper. try to line it up as perfectly as possible.

3. wrap the new label around the water bottle and adhere the label to the other side of the strip of paper. Using the labels allows you to eliminate using tape. however, you can also design your labels on a regular piece of paper in word {without Avery labels}. measure every two inches for your design, print, trim your paper and adhere each strip with one piece of tape. see the next example for pictures to explain this better visually.

for the second style, if you have adobe photoshop or illustrator, you can create a full page of labels with this software.

1. design one page of labels, all with the width of two inches. print and trim. {if you want your labels to look nicer – print on photo quality paper.}

2. using double sided tape, wrap the label around the bottle and adhere. voila!

any questions? this is a simple, affordable way to add a little pizazz to any party. small, kid size waters work great too!

for more party ideas, check out my celebrate board on pinterest.

{photos by me.}

3 responses to “do it yourself: custom water bottle labels”

  1. Quick question. Are the Avery labels you use waterproof? How do you deal with the labels/paper “sweating”? I’m worried the ink will come off on my guests’ hands. Any tricks?

  2. Thanks for this post! I have always been a big fan of your party water bottles! I should have been able to figure this out myself, but sometimes I need your help!

  3. Oh my gosh! This is such a creative and simple idea that will be perfect for my sons graduation party!!! I have been looking everywhere for a nice custom label template and haven’t been able to find one. Thanks!

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