diy: party hats

This morning i am teaching a class on how to plan-a-party on a budget with all the right details. So, I’ve been working on party-themed-projects all week! I want to share my do-it-yourself party hats with you.

There are many great tutorials for party hats on the great www., but my all-time favorite is by Jordan of Oh Happy Day blog. Jordan has easy to follow instructions + a simple template all right here. For the class I am teaching, I wanted a more mature color scheme and details for adults, so i mixed neutrals tan/grey/white with a few shades of coral/peach. Also, instead of using crepe paper like Jordan does, i used yarn, pom pom balls, and ribbons to decorate my hats, simply because that is what I had on hand in my art cupboard. You could use so many things to spice up a party hat – numbers would be really cute for special birthdays.

my favorite hats were the two i decorated with yarn balls. do you know how to make a yarn ball? they are so great because the possibilities of what you can create with them are endless! my friend nicole from elsa bags has a tutorial, here. fyi: i am still using my fingers to make my yarn balls and have yet to buy one of these!

to create the hat above, i made about 25 mini yarn balls {Kiana helped!} and tied them all on one long string, like a necklace – then hot glued it around the base of that hat. I attached everything to the card stock party hats with hot glue, except the ribbon neck tie.

I have more party ideas to share with you. This next week I’ll post a tutorial about two different ways to make water bottle labels + a few ideas for summer bbq’s!

{images by me.}

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  1. ok, that’s pretty funny! yes, yes, cute hats… the sela pictures at the end is hilarious though… 😉

  2. So adorable Ms Jane. You are so talented and creative.

    I was just catching up on your blog and saw that you lost your father-in-law. He seems to have been an extraodinary man! I’m so sorry for yalls loss.

    I was reading his obituary and noticed that Ryan is his son also. Ryan was my cheer coach at Dixie State in 05-06. It’s such a small world! I can totally see the resemblance in your husband and Ryan. I just adored Ryan and Donelle’s family. Pretty great family you have there. 🙂 And, again, I’m so sorry for your loss.

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