do-it-yourself MDF magnetic-chalkboard wall

when i saw this MDF chalkboard wall, it made me smile, and i knew it was going to be the perfect addition to our new home. what i like best about this wall? it’s portable! since we are renting – if we move soon, it can go with us! or! if i get tired of it being in our dining room — i can move it to another room in the house! so perfect.

1: one sheet of MDF board, 8 ft. x 4 ft. x 3/4″. is the size i used, or choose the size that accommodates the space you plan to place it in. My board cost $34.00

2: in previous homes, i had chalkboard walls – but this time i wanted my board to be magnetic & chalkboard. to achieve this, i used two coats of magnetic paint. then, one coat of chalkboard paint. why two coats of magnetic? i waited 24 hours between each application and after one coat of magnetic paint – the strength of the magnetic force was not strong enough for the mighty magnets i use so i added a second coat and it works great.

3 & 4: when the paint is dry, “season” the chalkboard with a good coat of chalk. this makes it so the board isn’t so stark black. after the board is covered with chalk, i wipe it off with a towel or paper towels. ready to use!

since the board is heavy, i wanted something in front of it to help support it’s weight. i found the perfect bench at a flea market and added a simple mason jar to hold our chalk.

the magnetic-chalkboard wall is a great spot to display my instagrams, polaroids, photo booth pictures + a happy place to write quotes, and doodles. we are trying to decide what my doodle is this week. a llama? deer? spooked elk? have you seen the chalkboard illustrations at ladenlokal via decor8? check it out – you will spot the image i used for my mystery animal doodle, and if you need inspiration for your chalkboard walls there are lots of ideas with a printable template!

{photos by me, Jane Beckner Rhodes}

13 responses to “do-it-yourself MDF magnetic-chalkboard wall

  1. I seriously lurve that quote! If only I were as artistic as you than I could really rock a chalkboard. Alas, my chicken scratch doesn’t look quite as chic…

  2. Great idea! I love that you can move it if you get tired of where it is or if you move. Too bad I’m not artistic like you, I would love to be able to doodle on chalkboards like you can!!

  3. This is amazing…I actually saw this on pinterest (before I looked more closely at the watermark) and thought how fabulous this is…of course it was your creation! Love it…

  4. This looks awesome! I just told my husband I want one for my birthday. Curious, what brand of paint did you use? And how is it holding up? I wonder if the magnetic paint doesn’t work as well after awhile.

    1. hey. I purchased my paint at Lowe’s, and there was only one brand to choose from. So, I’m not sure what it is, but what Lowe’s carries! good luck!

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