diy: how to keep pictures/frames in place for a gallery wall

do you have one, or more pictures hanging on the walls of your home that are always just a little crooked? each time you walk past it you adjust it? unless you were lucky enough to find some thing like mounted prints at Bumblejax for example, then you probably answered yes to those questions, i am sharing one easy tip with you today about how to cure this problem.

using sticky removable mounting squares seen below, you simply take one square, or more if the picture is bigger/heavier and needs more strength to hold it in place. place it on the bottom corners of the frame or wall art and voila! your artwork will now stay securely in place without any damage to the wall when it’s time to take it down.

this is so easy, and makes it so your gallery wall can look organized without any need to constantly adjust the wall art.

a few photos from our home, this can be found in our dining room:

this gallery goes from our main floor down a staircase to the basement. it’s still a work in progress, a few of those picture frames are still empty!

last, a peek at my husbands home-sports-office:

if you don’t have mounting squares, i found the ones pictured at Target. you can also use double sided tape, or other sticky mounting squares. just make sure the product guarantees that it doesn’t leave any residue when removed. if you need help organizing a home gallery wall, check this out, it’s full of great tips.

happy home-decorating!

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

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  1. These are a must in Earthquake country! I miss San Francisco, but I feel a little more safe on my feet in Denver! Love your blog!!

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