diy: cupcake/cake/donut mini flags + pennant garland cake topper.

preparations for kj’s birthday party this week are underway…

our little man is going to be 8!

here’s some easy steps to create flag cupcake/cake/donut {whatever you want to top!} mini toppers + a pennant garland for the top of a cake. kj has requested texas cake and mini donuts for his birthday. i truly believe texas cake is america’s original chocolate cake. and we are fans.

to make the mini toothpick sized flags, fold cardstock in half and cut triangles. i created one i liked, then used it as a stencil to make sure they all turned out the same size…

using two dots of glue in each flag, insert the toothpick and seal. to help the flags stick together while they dried, i stuck them in a large book for just a few minutes each. worked like magic. otherwise, your flags might continually pop open while the glue is wet.

we are going to be using these for each guests individual pieces of cake, and on the mini donuts…


to create the pennant garland:

cut triangles to your desired size, and amount. kj requested 8, since he is turning 8!

leave 6-10 inches of thread to work with before you start sewing the flags. the more you leave, the easier it is to wrap the thread around the sticks on the next step and tie a knot.

then just sew the flags together, one after another as seen below. when you are finished, leave another 10 inches of thread at the end to tie on the sticks. do not do any reverse stitching.

wrap the thread around the stick a few times, and tie in a knot to hold in place.

ta-da, the finished product!

i’ll be sharing more from his party later this week! tune in!

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