disney’s christmas carol

…is actually very dark (in look and tone), until the middle of the movie. our little miss three was not a fan. luckily, big papi was happy to take her shopping and leave the rest of us to watch the movie.

i loved the ending, ebeneezer scrooge sliding down the stair rail and dancing was a favorite part for myla and i.

here’s hoping to have no bah-humbugs this season!!!

3 responses to “disney’s christmas carol

  1. k we are wanting to see this so bad! Were waiting for Boston to finish the book. Maybe this week.

    Loving your movie reviews!

  2. i kept thinking i was glad i didn't have any kids with me at this movie. We saw it in 3D at the IMAX and honestly, I was a little bit terrified. But maybe I'm kind of a baby.

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