dirty’s fabulous fortieth…

i don’t ever want to forget weekends like this.

{blast our weekend theme song, here.}

it was filled with family and friends. just like every year, the candles were blown out. games were played. stories were shared. music was played. laughter was contagious. one-liners were rampant. memories were made.

and, it was magical.

we filled this RV with as many people as we could,
and headed south…

lots of card games, scrabble, and treats.
thank you to michael for having incredible driving-parking skills,
“i’ve never seen a 40-foot sports car go so fast!”

first stop, cedar city.
alex, nancy, and ruthy met us there for a surprise dinner at ‘the garden house.’
this used to be named ‘adriana’s’ and it was the fine dining restaurant
that husband managed when we were in college at suu.

parking at palms place.
our {current} favorite las vegas hotel…

we pretty much had the movie theater all to ourselves!

to start the official fortieth celebration…
we had a lazy morning-breakfast party in our room,
lots of room service, with the fireplace keeping us warm
in our pro look shorts!

i loooooove the design of this hotel, simple. clean lines. sleek.
oh. if i could just decorate my home the exact same!

…the afternoon was spent in the spa, we had an a-maz-ing couples massage.
we hung-out in the hammam and pools with friends,
went to the gym,
took naps…

a BEAUTIFUL afternoon.

a birthday dinner at ‘simon,’ the ultra-hip restaurant at palms place.

mark & marita and ryan, ranee, & suzi joined us.

these are moments when i pause, and think,
“can it get any better than this?!?”

then the never-ending stories {and laughter} begins…

best quote of the event via facebook:
“jane should not be driving…even if wearing a helmet!”

after go-carts,
best quote via facebook:
“…sugar shorts, you’re still a winner to me!”

after bowling,
best quote via facebook:
“where is everyone?”
{somehow dusty was abandoned…}

much love to our friends & family who helped me with planning this weekend.
i went to great lengths to try & keep it all a surprise!
i even had a private email account “dustys40thbirthday@hotmail.com”
to try to keep all the emails secret…

although the birthday boy had most of it figured out,
surprised or not…
it was lights and music and laughing and people we love.
and dude, did we celebrate.
like i said, i don’t ever want to forget weekends like this.


husbands nickname is dirty…
from his college days.

8 responses to “dirty’s fabulous fortieth…

  1. I started laughing before I even began reading this post. That weekend was unforgettable!! You did such an amazing job pulling everything together. I loved reliving it all through your pictures. Some of those one liners will forever be my favorites. Thank you letting us be apart of such a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!
    I will be 40 in 10 years, will you plan my party too please?

  2. oh what FUN! you really know how to throw a party jane! SO bummed we missed out, the RV was PIMP!
    SO MUCH FUN! loving all the pictures!

  3. perfection! i expect nothing less from such talent! we are sooo bummed that we couldn't be there. looks amazing and i'm glad that dusty was spoiled!

  4. It was ALL the things you said… Well planned. Stocked with favorite everything, from people to activities… Absolutely unforgettable, my friend. You've outdone yourself, even for YOU! We loved every single moment! It truly was a FAB-ulous weekend! So, SO fun! …Can't wait to do it all again! (Although a weekend like this can never quite be replicated! It was perfect!) Hugs~

    {P.S. My little heart sighs with joy… I am so glad you HAVE and LOVE the pics!}

  5. Looks like you SOMEHOW managed to have fun without us 😉 Glad we could at least start the trip with you. It was a great (and fast) few hours! Happy big 4-0 Dusty! We love you!

  6. BABY… you straight up rock! I had such a great birthday even if you went to bed early… 🙂 I'm sure you wouldn't have left me at the New Orleans!

  7. What a fabulous weekend! You really thought of EVERYTHING! Your family is so lucky to have you. Sad we are SO far away for fun, fun things like this. I am always ready to lose a small, used car on the craps tables with Dusty in Vegas! 😉

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