dinner & a movie…

one of my favorite combinations,
with one of my favorite couples.

we met up with the taylors in slc for delicious italian cuisine and a movie. scotty has spent time in italy, and he has great taste for choosing italian restaurants.

Michaelangelo did not disappoint. i had a caprese salad and grilled salmon that was really good.

highly recommended.

scotty and i have been friends since we were fifteen years old, he has always been such a loyal friend. i not only cherish our friendship, but i also adore his beautiful wife. literally, after 30 minutes together not only my stomach hurt from laughing – but my cheeks were even sore from all the smiling.

good good times.

laughter like that is definitely good for the soul.
couples retreat ~

funny, funny, funny. i always like vince vaughn, and seeing the beautiful kristin davis on the big screen just got me all excited about the next sex & the city movie…

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  1. We loved this movie too and decided that Bora Bora is a must for us next year – probably for Geoff's 40th.

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