digital portraits

while i’ve been working with alma, whom i adore…
i also met her amazingly-talented husband. what a dynamic design duo that they are!
she rocks illustrator, and he is a master of photoshop. {incredible!}

do you know this pair? have you taken their online classes?

one skill mike offers the public are his digital portraits, and once i saw his work, i was in love.
check out his online gallery here.

each of these pieces can be printed up to 16″x20″ in size! i’m trying to decide right now, where i can put them in my home, how i should print them… canvas, etc.

i love having really unique portraits of our family. mike did a brilliant job on these, and they are just gorgeous! the longer i look at them, the more i love them.
if you are looking for a unique gift, i totally recommend mike’s digital portraits. or, if you want to tweak the traditional family picture – keep this in mind!
{all pictures by mike, this is not a sponsored post. strictly, my opinions.}

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  1. Jane – I am not sure how I found your blog but I am so glad I did. I am in Orem too and am so inspired by you. You make me excited to be a mom. Thanks for blogging – hopefully I run into you sometime!

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