did i really not blog anything for an entire week?!?

that is quite possibly the first time i’ve gone THAT long without posting since i started blogging!

lets see…

i’m still working on projects around the house. {pictures…one day.}

finals are next week = i’m stressed. i have six pimples, and i’m eating terrible.

i am preparing for kj’s 7th birthday party.

i am preparing for company from the philippines and then company from mexico.

kiana is getting ready for a dance competitin in denver next week, she and i will be traveling, and she is dancing even more hours than normal per day.

myla is recovering from the stomach flu and missed three days of school.

kj is recovering from an ear infection and pink eye and also stayed home from three days of school.

i’m pretty sure by tomorrow morning, sela’s goopy eyes from today will have pink eye.

i started watching season 1 of ‘glee’. love.

yep, that’s probably why i didn’t post anything for a week.

i’ve missed you all!


2 responses to “did i really not blog anything for an entire week?!?

  1. It sounds like it's time for you to pull out a handy dandy diet coke! And from one frazzled college student to another, good luck with finals. You'll do awesome! And watch out– glee is so addicting. Loves!

  2. I still don't know how you get everything done being in school… but glad you do so I can always check in on you all via your posts. Best of luck with finals!

    p.s. Sue Sylvester the greatest TV villain ever… I wish I had her capacity for one-liners.

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