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you may have noticed that over the years, i have posted a lot of pictures including “forts” around our house – hidden beds in closets + myla’s indian-style outdoor stick forts {this one was extra unique!} + piles of pillows to hide in + poolside beach towels hanging over chairs. i’ve been reflecting on how rad the “fort” is in a childs life as they are growing up. it gives them a sense of privacy and their own space. building these little pieces of kid-size architecture fuels their creativity.

i thought it would be fun to introduce a new series for see jane blog! on most fridays i will be featuring: YOU + forts. these can be forts you create by yourself or with children involved, or forts created by children. these forts can be made of quilts, tents, teepee’s, twinkle lights, couch pillows, blankets, wood, cardboard, simple, fancy, toy-size, life-size, anything! they can be inside, outside, anywhere! i’d love to see each individuals personality in the creation. maybe this project will inspire you to spend a day building a fort?  go crazy.

_ _ _

i will start with my youngest kiddo, she is one of my munchkins who inspired this series. this year sela has taken over our home with two mini abodes. you will notice she has an obsession with black & white stripes.  she dresses herself & i like her style.

to ignore the rest of the world with a book & twinkle lights overhead, truly magical. i will always love the glow of white christmas lights. hanging them on a fort gives you reason to enjoy them all year long.

both of sela’s forts these past few months have been within a few feet of my desk. while i sit and work, i get to sneak peeks of her like this –

and i literally get a crush. on repeat.

the latest cardboard house is a creative work in progress. on a daily basis, sela raids the art/craft/gift wrapping supply cupboards to find treasures to adorn her home. if you are an anthropology fan, you’ll notice their felt christmas bows on the door knob. i’m particularly fond of the tulle flowers in place of window knobs.

sela writing her stories…

there is a lot of variety in her wardrobe. some days thick black and white stripes. some days thin stripes.

sela has one rule in her house. if you are prone to scribbling – you may not color. she will find something else for you to do!

sela colors like it’s her job. she is very selective in her color choice – making sure to never match. she colors just like she dresses herself – rockin’ the freedom of expression.

she is quite the little fort-home-maker, too. keeping her mini homes organized + fills the space with snacks, and art supplies – always prepared to give her guests a handmade treasure. i love watching her busy herself with these little projects. a mini me in the making.

happy weekend my friends. our kiddos are starting winter break today, we have nine days to play.
there are sure to be more forts around here!


_ _ _

have a fort you’d like to share? i’d love to see pictures & read all about it.
you can send these to me at jane{at}prolook{dot}com.

stripey tent | my very own house

{all photos by me. edited by becky kimball.}

9 responses to “design fort, a new series…

  1. Where did you get that adorable striped tent?! I will be making forts for my kids this summer! How fun to have your own space!

  2. She looks like quite the little artist in the making. I would love to know where you found that cardboard house to color. My daughter would love one.

  3. lovin’ the striped tent! (+leggins’ to match!) i found your blog right before you went private + am so happy i found it again on pinterest:)

  4. WOW!! Thank you for featuring the Banana J Creations Tee Pee tent – glad to see your darling little girl is having a fabulous time with it. Be sure to get in there and have a play as well. I will shout out your blog to my facebook likers so they can see the Tee Pees in action.
    Cheers, Robyn aka Banana J Creations

  5. GREAT idea! I just found your blog through Design Mom’s site. I just love it and your fort series! My son, who is four, has his castle fort in his room….I however have decided to create my own where I can hide with my laptop and get some writing time…and what better place to write for children than in a fort! Brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration!

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