design {a} fort #2

design{a}fort is a build-a-well-designed-fun-fort-inspired-series here at seejaneblog. on most friday’s i feature YOU +  YOUR forts! it all started here. if you would like to participate, read below*

this week, i am featuring alyssa, and her fun idea for valentine’s day or any day of the year for a great at-home date night!


Hello! I’m Allyssa Zemke. I created a fun little tent for my husband and I for Valentines Day this year. It was a blast and we had fun eating fondue and watching a few flicks under it.

I got this lovely little tent idea from the fabulous Justina Blakeney’s blog. I wanted to make Valentines Day memorable without spending a lot of money so I thought what better way than a living room tent?

Materials Used:
4 sheets
broom stick
6 screw hooks
a few safety pins
lots of pillows and blankets (for coziness)

instruction photos courtesy of Justina Blakeney and Design Sponge

1. First measure the length of the pole and decide where to screw the hooks into the ceiling. Tie a 2-3 foot strand of twine on each end of the pole and tie to the screw hooks in the ceiling.

2. Place the sheets one by one over the hanging pole. Make sure the sheets are almost touching the ground.

3. Safety pin the sheets about 2 feet from the pole in front and tie a long strand of twine onto the safety pin. Do this on each side of the opening of the tent, front and back.

4. Then tie up the strings hanging from the front up onto the remaining screw hooks so it makes an opening to the tent.

5. Then fill the tent with pillows and blankets. Enjoy!

you can also visit my blog for more information and photos.


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