design {a} fort #7

design{a}fort is a series here at seejaneblog.
on most friday’s i feature YOU +  YOUR forts!

it all started here. if you would like to participate, read below*


friday. it’s time to share a fort with you, only i wish it were not already friday, july 20th! i heard an advertisement on the radio last week about school supplies, and i saw a blog post this week about them. am i the only momma in denial that summer is flying by way too fast?!? i want more time!!!!! more time to play with my kiddos, more time when all of our family is in the same place at the same time for more than 24 hours, more time to get projects done!

speaking of projects, today i am trying to put the finishing touches on the organization that is behind-the-scenes of our new home. you know – bathroom closets, the toy room, etc. i am happy to report that we have sela’s teepee set-up! we took time to design a fort this week, and today we are planning a new one that will be in a unique spot under the stairs space going to the third floor of our new home. (many boston homes have three floors, this was new to us when we moved out here.) if you follow @see_jane on instagram, then you know we’ve put the teepee in our kitchen nook until we get some new furniture. our new home has a bit more space than the last one, so we have lots of empty spaces around the house. the teepee nook included.

right now, i have the cutest fort to share with you. molly of my favorite things submitted a fort her boys put together. the little lantern flashlight is such a great detail – check it out:


Forts are a big deal at our house. Just about every day, you will find my boys constructing one thing or another and flashlights are always a must. My boys love black-out forts, the kind where no light can penetrate the quilted walls. My boys usually gather all the kitchen chairs and round up every last pillow and blanket. Then their imagination takes over and the outcome is different every time.

such a fun space for kiddos. molly is a darling momma from texas – check out her blog for more awesomeness. and, happy weekend! if you get a chance to design a fort, i’d love to hear about it! xo.

*to submit a design{a}fort post, email me: with photos & your story. if photo-editing is your thing, my blog posts are 670 pixels wide. i will review the entries and possibly share yours on an upcoming friday. xoxo.

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