design {a} fort #6

design{a}fort is a series here at seejaneblog.
on most friday’s i feature YOU +  YOUR forts!

it all started here. if you would like to participate, read below*

today i have a fort to share with you from one more mushroom. check out the darling fort below, then head over to meta’s fresh, inviting blog for more design ideas! and, enjoy your weekend, maybe you can squeeze in some time to build a fort.  see you back here on monday! xoxo.


The other day I was in my office and called out to Henrik asking where he was. He answered me saying “I’m in my studio” (my husband is an artist and has a studio attached to our house). I immediately had to go check on him an see what he meant by “his studio”. When I walked in the living room he and Maja were laughing and playing under their chalkboard play table.

We decided to make their “studio” into a fort and added chairs and blankets to make it much cozier. We had so much fun playing with the fort and played for several hours.

Our poor little muppet dog Hazel, looked in on all the fun longingly and of course we let her join.


*to submit a design{a}fort post, email me: with photos & your story. if photo-editing is your thing, my blog posts are 670 pixels wide. i will review the entries and possibly share yours on an upcoming friday. xoxo.

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