deep in the heart of texas…

the sun shines bright & HOT + i got an awful sunburn + i met up with vivien who is a charming-fellow-blogger-art teacher-gal i met at alt., we had coffee and a 30-minute chat at the mall. the best part of alt., is the post-networking that has taken place, it feels like the adult version of having pen pals when i was a kid! seriously rad. i was teasing her for how tiny her coffee was -her 8 oz. versus my 32 oz. (i guess you need more caffeine as you get older {?}) + 2 red sox baseball games that included country tunes and line-dancing at the game! …we *lost. but, it was a beautiful weekend at arlington park! + delicious texas steak.

{*here’s hoping the red sox find their mojo!}

2 responses to “deep in the heart of texas…

  1. oh what fun! even if they did lose. ;(
    love the pictures, it looks like you guys had perfect seats. Gorgeous pic of you and dusty. Love it!

  2. jane, it was so wonderful getting to hang out with you and your sweet new friend on saturday. i've been meaning to text you because after i saw the results from the two games this weekend i wanted to send your poor husband my condolences! just kidding =) i'm still amazed at how you juggle all the hats you wear in your life, but thankful to know you and to have a great example to look up to whenever i have kids (i'll DEFINITELY need a venti by then!).

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