Dedicated to Daphne & Spicy

I assume it will bring you both joy that this little piggy lost his toe nail today. With Dusty’s history of mildly attacking me in his sleep, I woke this morning to being kicked followed by my toenail being snagged & ripped, I had to do some in-house/same-day surgery to remove it, and here are the results… May you both smile! Blogging info for Spicy: If you want to see the picture enlarged, for an UP-CLOSE view, click on the picture… 🙂

3 responses to “Dedicated to Daphne & Spicy”

  1. Those directions, you would think would work for Spicy!!

    OUCH….The results of a seriously dedicated Soccer Player, right?! hehehe

  2. Did you let him watch Jackie Chan before he went to bed? Ashia (African term for… so sorry!) Hope you are milking it…. 😉

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