dear santa,

sela: i want a puppy, and all the things a puppy needs…

KJ: nerf gun, $100, …
Myla: nothing… {this girl never asks for anything!}

kiana: i want a puppy, specifically: an all-white or white-with-black-spots maltese.

north pole breaking news: they are out of puppies. the rhodes kids are going to have an interesting christmas.

dear readers, question: how long did you keep your children’s holiday traditions going? we sit on santa’s lap for our littlest. we do it… just for sela. she’s very skeptical this year… it might be our last year of elf-ing, and a few other traditions. my older kids are rolling their eyes at me more and more often. (???)

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

2 responses to “dear santa,”

  1. Do them as long as it feels right. Don’t stick to the old ones just because and don’t be afraid to make new traditions!

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