dear readers,

do you all remember little bronson and what an amazing miracle he is?

reflecting on this year, he is definitely at the top of my lists in more items i have to be grateful for. this morning, sara, matt, and little b were on the today show, to give an update on how he’s doing… if you missed the show live, you can watch the interview, here.

i thought it was an awesome interview. they all looked beautiful, little b was as charming as ever. i know they had very little sleep and were up very early for the show. sara’s interview skills match her writing talent, both off the charts with such class and ease.


on facebook this week, i got a message about this family, a friend of mine from h.s. said,

“Some friends of ours…were in a terrible accident on Thanksgiving. They are from American Fork. A website/blog was set up for them…Their insurance company is not cooperating because the dad (the employed) was killed. The mom, daughter and son are all in the hospital. The 15 year old son is in the ICU with a crushed pelvis and face.”

what a heartbreaking story and challenging situation, i hope they receive miracles and love from all those who know them… if you are looking for somewhere to donate at this time of year, please keep this family in mind.


may we all remember to love those around us, be patient, forgiving, squeeze them a little tighter, and be so thankful for all we have.


2 responses to “dear readers,”

  1. I saw your cute friends on tv and I'm so happy for them. I cried. Bronson is so adorable and I loved how he wanted to get down and play. Precious.

    I will certainly keep the other family in my thoughts and prayers. Love to them.

  2. It was through Sara's blog that I found yours! I'm so happy for the Staker family & Bronson seems like such a sweetheart!

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