dancing under the stars

was sick with talent. i don’t know what else to say.
the show was awesome.

fantastic job bearzy, we’re so proud of you!
i love watching my girl dance.

and –
thanks beckster for joining us for the evening..

4 responses to “dancing under the stars”

  1. that looks so sweet, under the stars! I love watching the girls dance, SO much talent!

    p.s the other boy who goes to Ivy Hall is Tanner Thompson, Patty's boy.

  2. So fun to hit those dancing events! Did you happen to catch the people that were in semi-finals for the singing competition?? If so, my handsome 'lil bro, Conn Curran, was one of them! 🙂 Wish I had only been there…but alas, we live in NC. 🙁

  3. seriously depressed i don't dance anymore, but that had to be one of the most memorable nights. kiana did amazing and i was so happy i could come!

    they are all ridiculous dancers!

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