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This weekend was the “Odyssey Dance Competition” for Kiana, we were lucky enough to have a girls weekend in Ogden, Utah. She did 2 solos on Friday, and she did GREAT! She received a Platinum for VEINS and a HIGH-GOLD for AMAZING MAYZIE. To those of you not in the dance world, I realize that means nothing. I couldn’t get my camera to focus on her first solo – no idea why. But, I did get AMAZYING MAYZIE which is her jazz solo from last year that she’s still competing with. This is it ~

We had a break Friday evening and went to see – We thought it was good, not a major blockbuster… But, I did like the new Megaplex in Ogden with reserved seating and you can take lots of food in, like Jordan Commons. Nice theatres are a bonus.

Usually at dance competitions the kids all under 12 compete early in the morning on Saturdays, but this weekend, Kiana didn’t compete till 5pm. So, we slept in, and then went to the Salomon Center for Indoor Surfing!

Allow me to digress here. About 4 years ago our family went to Grand Caymen Island, and while there my friend Susan and I were snorkling about 200 yards off shore, when we came upon this – uh-huh. I expected to only see beautiful little tropical fish and coral. NOT THAT. This is a Grouper, friendly looking? NO. At that moment, I frantically came above water to spot Susan already above water with bug eyes looking at me because she had also spotted THAT sitting on the ocean floor with its eyes looking right at us. Air, air, where did the air in my lungs go? swim, swim, swim, the shore looks like it’s 10 miles away – swim, swim swim!!! My feet can touch the sand, run, run in the water, we made it! we made it! That shark-looking thing did not eat me!!!! Hallelujuah!! My heartbeat did not slow down for about 3 days, and I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating, from nightmares of shark attacks for at least a week. I learned for the first time in my life, something I truly feared, the ocean. The unknown. Not being in control. So, since 4 years ago I have not snorkled, or calmly entered the ocean for any reason. Or tried Surfing. But, I would absolutely love to surf INDOORS. My friend told me she did the same and decided to buy wetsuits online from Ann’s Cottage. She was so happy with her wetsuits it made the indoor surfing so much more fun!

me, Isabel [a dance friend], and Kiana
Kiana boogie-boarding!
I spent most my time boogie-boarding with the girls, but I requested a rope for surfing to help me get my balance in the beginning, but once I let go –
this is how I spent most of my time ~
I am now nursing my neck and shoulder muscles with ibuprofen every 8 hours, I am SO stiff & sore! But, it was totally worth it because it was SO much fun! Myla is mad she didn’t get to go, and so we are going to try to get up there soon for her…

Jr. Company competed 4 dances on Saturday evening, but I only recorded one that I have not shared already…this is HOUND DOG, and I was sitting so close behind the judges I didn’t have much space to get the entire dance. Kiana starts off behind a mystery head on the left side…

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  1. You go, girl! What a hot beach-bum Mama! How super-duper fun! Can’t wait to show Matt! We will definitely be taking a trip up to try it out! So fun!

  2. Seriously can’t believe what AMAZING dancers your daughters are! So cool.

    The surfing looks FUN, minus the pain that is! =) Good for you.

    Don’t you just LOVE the megaplex theaters? They are the best…the only way to do a movie.

  3. First of all, you’re grouper fish story was hillarious and second of all that surfing thing looks so fun. I am just like you, the ocean horrifies me! I am going to have to try the indoors thing for sure. I remember the dance competition days… so fun! Kiana is such an awesome dancer. When I get back I’ll have to try to go to one of her competitions.

  4. Ok I too was laughing my head off about the grouper. It may make me re-think snorkeling. So glad that you didnt drown in your panic state of “Swim!”
    And “hound dog” was way cute! The costumes were great, and it was a fun girl weekend! I know we loved it too!

  5. Such fun dances! They are soooo good! The indoor surfing thing looks awesome too. What a fun weekend with your girls!

  6. Such great Dances, I love “Hound Dog” Woo Hoo Kiana!
    That place in Ogden looks like a blast! How did you ever find that?! So fun!
    I love how you are finding a ton of your HS friends from the Blogging world.

    ~P.s i found a ton of Minky at “Fabric Mill” in Orem.

  7. She is such a good dancer! Sounds like an awesome girl’s weekend…that surfing looks like so much fun, hope you are feeling better soon!!

  8. Wow – I had to scroll down again to the age thingie at the bottom of your blog thinking that Kiana MUST be older than almost 10! Can people really dance this well when their age is still in single digits? As a non-dancer I don’t understand all of the dance talk but I can definitely appreciate the talent!
    Your snorkeling story was so scary, I don’t blame you for not going in anymore. You are definitely still adventurous with your water activities though. That looks like so much fun. I am positive Troy will make me go up there next time we are home. I hope your injuries heal soon!
    p.s. loved your high school pictures. I didn’t know you then but I had the same hair!

  9. Kiana never ceases to amaze me with her talent! Ogden is your new town. Who knew that there was so much cool stuff there?!

  10. Hehehe, i loved the part about your grouper story. When I told Dusty that we were going to FL to scuba dive he told me about your story… while we were scuba diving I saw an 8 foot nurse shark and he swam right at me… I literally jumped backwards. So, I can see where you are coming from. 🙂 We also saw a couple groupers–those things are just ugly!!!

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