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These are the videos that go along with Myla’s ballroom practice on Friday. I never get tired of watching these two practice or compete. The bickering and friendship between the two is just the cutest! For example, you may notice they are chewing gum in these videos – that is usually a HUGE “no-no” in dance class, but on Friday Myla was complaining about Ezra’s breath, so their teacher gave them both some gum. Then you will notice Myla repeatedly pulling Ezra’s arm up into the correct position over and over again before their cha-cha begins. However, you will notice Ezra is very patient each time Myla messes up. Evidently, earlier in the practice I missed Ezra pinching Myla (twice,) and punching her once…or something to that effect. I love these kids! By the way, Ezra is 6 and Myla is 7 years old.
Press PA– USE on “Jane’s Groove” before playing so you can hear it.

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  1. I love her in that little dress. So cute! Looks like she has control of her man, just like her momma! I could use some lessons from the both of you!

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