DAD RULES by treion muller

it’s fun to see the people you meet earlier in life evolve into what they become later. what they do. where they live. do you agree?

in college i was on a ballroom dance team & one my friends on the team was a guy named treion muller who boasted the most charming accent from south africa. i recently reconnected with him via Facebook.  i found out he is married with five children and has a new book coming out today! the book is titled, Dad Rules.

Dad Rules is the everyman’s instructional manual that fathers have been waiting for, in the language they can understand. Dad Rules includes 81 short but entertaining rules to help fathers understand what they should know, say, and do in those difficult moments when they cannot find an app to solve a problem.

it can be found here from barnes & noble. and here via amazon.

i received an advanced copy of the book & after reading through the 81 rules, my favorite was #74 –

even though you may have already graduated from college, remain a student. Always be engaged in learning something new, whether formal or informal. You can join a book club, teach yourself how to assemble a car engine, or learn how to speak a different language.

But here is the key to this rule: share what you are learning with your kids, or even better, involve them in what you learning. For example, you can give them a copy of the book you are reading, or get them under the hood of a car with you, or teach them how to greet someone in a new language. Only once you are able to transfer what you learn to someone else is learning fully accomplished.”

“Tell me, I’ ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”
—Chinese proverb

i love that. great advice for all parents.

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