da MONSTER truck show

We have returned home high on carbon monoxide `n` deaf. But, other than dat, we had a great evenin wif our neighbors, da Mortons! We had their entar Xango suite just fer our families ta watch da show! yonder ain`t much better fer my 4 year old son than monster trucks, `n` transformin – far spittin – robot trucks. Dem Quads was razin’ themselves all around the circles. da highlight of da evenin was da truck dat fell apart, destruction is always great entertainment. da hood `n` wheel came flying off one as he landed! Then da kids all bought their own mini monster trucks `n` spent time building tracks out of paper plates…LOTS of fun! woo-hoo!!! Thank Yew ta da MOrton family fer a great evenin

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  1. That was SWEET! I love the language and the crowd those things draw in! hehehe
    So fun to be in the box though….Looks like myla had a competition too!

  2. I love how you wrote your whole post in a yew-tah accent! One year my husband and friends dressed “appropriately” for the monster truck ralley. It wasn’t well appreciated to say the least. Looks like a ton of fun!

  3. Love this post, you are great! We have been before and you are SO right about the carbon monoxide! What a fun night for everyone, it is always great when the parents and kids can have a blast doing the same thing!

  4. I saw that while we were at the Globetrotters… and thought “next year”. Now we will have to hit it… meanwhile I’ll work on the accent so I can blog that way too. Loved it!

  5. That was the funniest post ever! I’ve never been to one of them shows 🙂 I bet it was pretty entertaining though You guys are always having parties, doing fun things.

  6. K- how hard was it to write like that!? It was sure hard for me to read!

    I’ve never been monster truckin’!

    Looks like you had fun!

  7. Sooo cah-yewt and uber creative! Way to go on the darling post!

    What a fun fam-night out! I wish we had been in town to have taken our boys! They would have totally dug the show! 🙂

  8. Jane how fun. I have always wanted to take Silver. I didnt even realize it was here. Love the surfing, you look fantastic. Your story about you and susan cracks me up. When you first started the story I though, wow, how brave. I am terrified of the ocean. So of course I love how the story ended. I can just see you and Susan swimming for dear life. 🙂

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