cross-hatching, pastels, and oils…

my girls have been busy with lots of fun projects at their art school.

last fall they both finished flowers that they used cross-hatching to compose.

then they both personalized their cow projects…

i love seeing their personalities exposed in their artwork.

i am almost finished with this semester, just three more weeks!

then i am going to have four months off with NO CLASSES. i’ll be honest, i was nervous about this at first. i really enjoy my daily focus on art. UVU is not offering any classes i need this summer. however, since coming to grips with it, i’ve planned lots of other fun projects to do in place of homework. and, it will be really fun to be available to play with our kids & my hubby allll summer. mr. rhodes is already planning MORE volleyball nights since i won’t be saying, “i can’t play tonight…i have homework!”

my recent painting projects…

below on the left is a monochromatic project. we covered our canvases in one color, mine is burnt sienna then we used gamsol with q-tips or whatever to remove the paint to create our pictures. We could also use brushes to add paint back in. i LOVED painting this piece. i still need to add a glaze to my finished monochromatic, but i’m considering having it scanned in at high quality and making some note cards of this piece.

on the right is a still life in color. we could only use our palette knife to paint. i looooove my palette knife. it was also an option to bring our own still-life subject to class, so i used my large poppies from home. a few students in the class chose to paint the poppies, and it was fun to see our different interpretations of them. mine is abstract, my mind typically simplifies designs.

4 responses to “cross-hatching, pastels, and oils…”

  1. your girls are totally following in your footsteps! Gorgeous art work jane!! I am always in 'awe', you are seriously so talented!

    Oh and i must admit now that you will not be in school all summer, i am so sad that i am not right by you to play!! We will have to plan times to bike to borders… with me in them! Muah!!

  2. Love the sienna one! Beautiful! You go girl!
    Looks like you had a great Easter. I canNOT believe how many eggs you guys dye! Crazy!

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