creativity ignites

it comes with the season. winter. when it gets cold outside, and our fireplace is going, and the holidays are near, and gift-giving is in the air, and my mind sets loose…

i want to create.

all. the. time.

i have to fight my mind to control the ballistic-approach it wants to take.

for example, i would like to forget all responsibility, and just create.
around the clock.

like a mad-woman.

but, alas, i have to contain myself to some degree. because, there are kids. four kids to be exact, who want to eat. and have their hair styled. and need help with homework. and they need rides to everywhere under the moon.

and, i am still a student. most of the year, i love this. and during the holidays, it’s a fairly large detail that becomes incredibly annoying.

i have one more project and two finals, and this semester is done. it is the first semester that i have felt really annoyed with school. i usually love it, drool over it, my brain rides the intellectual wave after lectures and it keeps me fine tuned while i do so many other menial life tasks. like laundry and potty training. but, this semester was different. so many good things were happening in our life that i had to sit back and say, “ok, life… how many times are you going to give me two rights to choose between?”

so, while i should have been studying last weekend. and while i could have worked on a school project. i didn’t. because my head was going to ignite with christmas craft ideas if i didn’t just sit down and create. something.

so, this is what i did…

stockings. but, not just any stockings. i made super cheesy, glitter everywhere, hot-glue heaven {minus two blister casualties}, mexico-inspired stockings…because…in exactly sixteen days {when said school project and two finals will inevitably be DONE!!!!!} we will be spending our first christmas away from home. it’s like an experiment to see how we do. if we love it or hate it.

and i am madly organzing and creating everything we will need to make it wonderful. special stockings. bags full of christmas-tree scented candles {because even in the warm sun and sandy beaches, our christmas day will need to smell like christmas}, food to make special meals, all the gifts, all the clothes… you name it, i’m packing it.and, for the record…i am known for taking just about everything on vacation. i’m “the one” who if you forgot it, jane will have it. or, i might have two or three.

so, this trip, i just may set records with luggage totals.

{my packing tips, here.}

4 responses to “creativity ignites

  1. Oh so exciting! We did Mexico for Christmas two years ago and it was one of the best years we've had. Although, we left Christmas at home… a little opposite from what you guys are doing but regardless I hope you guys love it as much as we did!

  2. Have a great time traveling for the holidays! I smile just thinking of all your bags – heehee! I think my husband would kill me. 🙂 It must have been forever since I have blogged. I have many pages of your to catch up on. I will get to it all!

  3. Have a great time in Mexico. I've never tried going anywhere for Christmas. I'd be too afraid that I'd miss the snow! Although going swimming at the beach on Christmas….might be worth it! 😉

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