cowabunga bay

is a water park in salt lake city.
it’s primary focus is water slides.

we chose one of the hottest days of the year,
to spend half a day there.

kiana and her friend reagan are being dumped on by the huge bucket
in the first set of pictures…

then sela & her friend cozy are playing in the little kid attractions
in the second set of pictures…

myla & kj were nowhere to be found.
they did every slide almost twice,
and i think they went around the lazy river
200 times…

summer in the sun!

check it out, here.

5 responses to “cowabunga bay”

  1. Cowabunga is so fun! I wish it was on our side of town. I like that it offers so much to do but it's not as big as 7 peaks.

  2. hi jane,
    i visit your blog often and love the current layout. did you design it yourself? use a template? how can i give my blog a similar layout?

  3. i wanted to specify, that i love how big your pictures post. and i can't get my header to fill the whole upper space. if you could point me in the right direction of how to fix these things, i'd love it!!

  4. Hi Jane! Thanks for your cute comment. I have been MIA from my computer most of the summer. =) It has been fun to catch up on your cute family! To answer you, I have been without sugar about half of the year. I have to admit I feel amazing off sugar, but I just don't know if I could ever do it forever. It will definitly be something I do often though, I love the results! So happy to say that I am down 21 lbs so far this year. Thanks for the inspiration! loves, joey

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