counting down…

The advent calendars are underway!
I found these really fun LEGO calendars this year.
KJ has an awesome boy-themed one and Myla has the total set-up in our pantry for her girl themed set.
By the time Christmas comes they will both have LEGO Christmas villages.
One of my dear friends also gave each of our kids their own chocolate advent calendars, so we are sure not to miss Christmas!There’s a good chance Sela will have all of hers eaten long before Santa’s big day!

8 responses to “counting down…”

  1. That is such a cute idea! That way you can build something by Christmas. Love it!
    Ok, i just realized i need to step it up for Activity days. I am back on now that it’s december. Maybe we will make those adorable Bookmarks.

  2. Lego advent calendars! What a brilliant idea! I had to google it because I’ve never seen them before. My kids would go bananas for these. I’m going to the store today:)

  3. Sela looks like she is keeping a close eye on her chocolate. Please tell your children to stop being so cute in all of these pictures. They are worsening (is that a real word?) my case of baby fever!

    The 23rd works best for us, however Grandma insists on keeping Brady as she doesn’t allow him out of her sight during the first few days of any trip!

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