to our dear, dear friends.

the morton family-

it’s a girl!

kelsey caryn morton
aug. 1, 2009
10:21 pm
2o inches; 7.7 pounds

miss kelsey is a doll, with three doting brothers and papa.
momma is as beautiful as ever. stunning, actually.

we took caryn a jamba juice on saturday, at 6pm.

at 8pm she went to the hospital.

dusty’s pretty positve it was her “mango mantra” that put her into labor, and thinks she should have named her “kelsey mantra.” lol.

5 responses to “congratulations…”

  1. How exciting for them!!! Caryn looks great too! You guys have been doing so many fun things this summer. I wish we lived close enough to come to one of your volleyball nights. You have the best party house ever! I know Jenn is so excited to see all of you!

  2. How exciteing for them! What a darling family they have and Caryn looks beautiful. What a lucky little girl to come into that sweet family. I love the Jamba Juice story-that is too funny! Jenn will be so excited to get to see their baby. Looks like you all have been having a very fun and busy summer!

  3. Darling pictures…Did you make that little girl quilt?

    Caryn does look fabulous! Those boys are darling with her, i love watching them dote all over her.

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