confetti invitations

jordan ferney has completely blown my mind again with her creativity! this time, it was with her confetti invitations. i used this tutorial, and created these for kj’s upcoming birthday party…

we have been planning the party with the colors navy blue & turquoise, and stripes, and chevron-designs! kj was so excited to deliver these invites, he couldn’t wait for his friends to twist them open for the little tubes to shoot out the surprise invitation!

i started with these party poppers that jordan recommended-

they were so easy to take apart. we {meaning: kj happily helped, he kept telling me…”mom this is so much fun!”} removed the top circle/lid, carefully pulled out the original confetti, and peeled off the outside wrapper. all of this was easy-peasy.

the only thing i altered in comparison to jordan’s tutorial, is we did not disassemble the poppers. there was no need to, and all of the poppers we tested were a success! {kj loved testing them…!}

next, we filled the tubes with our color-themed confetti, but not very much because there was more to fit in there…

i cut 1-1/2″ circles for matted fronts, and the backs of the string-of-invitation-information…

i typed the information in word, and printed the info. on these labels. next, i cut them in to strips to make it easier to punch them out with a 1″ hole puncher. using this style of hole puncher made it possible to gauge where to cut the circles.

i applied the small information circles to one larger turquoise circle, this was quick because they are already sticky. then stuck them together with a dot of glue, with the string going between. then, i stacked up the invitation string, and tucked them into the tubes, seen here –

{come join the fun & gamers…}

almost finished…

i created new labels. before wrapping them on the tube, i cut 1-1/2″ circles for the tops of the tubes as a lid. i simply sat this on the tube, and held it in place while i wrapped on the new labels. i placed the labels with about 1/4″ hanging over the top to press down and hold the paper lid in place. it worked out so great!

if you’d like to use/print the labels i designed, click here for a free download, print jordan’s here, or design your own!

{all photos by me}

10 responses to “confetti invitations”

  1. I love, LOVE this idea. I don't think we have these party poppers in Australia 🙁 But, if we did… I'd make these.

  2. your creativity blows me away! i absolutely love this and thank you for showing us how it's done! now if we could only make these look as good as you do!

    seriously, you should have your own magazine!!

  3. That is such a fun idea! I love how you always involve your kids in your planning and creating…good mom.

  4. I hopped on over after seeing your AWESOME typical Tuesday at Rachel's 🙂 you have a lovely family!

    And this tutorial is fantastic!! Darling idea 🙂

    I'm excited to follow along!


  5. i am quite sure that even with a gun pointed directly at my head i could never be this crafty. so jealous!

  6. This is by far my FAVORITE blog to look at! My son is turning 9 next month and was so excited when I told him we were going to make party popper invitations. Thanks for the tutorial – you are a creative genius!!

  7. Hi Jane! i love this idea, it is amazing!

    I have bought some party poppers and i am having trouble getting the canister apart. Any hints how to do it?

    thanks for the awesome idea!

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