college road trip

We were thoroughly entertained by Donny Osmond, cute clean fun!

6 responses to “college road trip”

  1. Did you know that I am Donny’s hugest, biggest fan?!!!! ITs true- you should see my office. Donny is everywhere! Even my mouse pad. LOVE HIM! I cant wait to see the movie.

  2. Gracie want to see this one. Glad you liked it, I’ll have to take her.

    totally laughing at your first comment. Who knew?

  3. We saw it this weekend too! I laughed pretty hard and cried-dont ask why, I guess time just goes so fast it will soon be time for our girls to move on to bigger and better things…

  4. HONEY~ I LOVE the Fenway Park in your Basement, she is WAY Talented, it looks amazing!! I missed a ton of your posts this weekend…you were busy blogging it up! hehe
    I am interested to know if you have done the Blurb blog book yet, i have wanted to do it, but it seemed like it was some work.
    Cute Speed racer bunnies! I can totally tell you have a new lense. SO FUN!!

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