coach pitch

Hillcrest Red Sox coach pitch had their first game of the season, and I must say, they have the hottest coach! ohhh…my my!

Pro Look Sports is supplying them with Red Sox jersey’s that have not arrived yet, so they were wearing their city tee’s, but they still managed to look “just OK” and play awesome!

The opposing team didn’t have enough players, so, Myla, Dub, Cameryn, and Kiana played on their team to help them out. Kiana does not play on a team, because this is not really her thing, but she’s a great sport to help out and enjoys it when she does play. She was the catcher and did a great job! Although, she was wearing flip-flops…

Myla, a cute 2ND basemen
Myla, batting
Myla, safe at 1st base!
Kiana batting
Kiana, on 1st base

2 responses to “coach pitch”

  1. Looks oddly like one of my Saturday mornings… just a bit more pink involved! (I love Myla’s glove and Kiana’s ponytail flower!)

    And I just LOVE Kiana playing in her flip-flops… what a good sport to “fill in”! So fun!

  2. Jane, it just dawned on me that you are married to a coach. I think you have officially surpassed me in hours logged at the ball field!

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