close your eyes, i’ve got a surprise!

wait, if you are here… you can already see it!

I’ve been working with the adorable Alyson from seventy and sunny to create a new blog design. She is a creative genius, and I must say, I LOVE it! Good, good work Alyson! I only wish we lived closer to each other so I could meet her in person, and take her to tea for her great work!

I love the personal touches she added, I love polka-dots, banners, and iced tea. yummy!

I also have a “button” now, if you’d like to add it to your blog, please do! Another fascintating outcome of working with Alyson, and her etsy shop is that this event was one of the first encouragements I had to get back in school and finish my degree in graphic design. One day, I want to grow up and be a graphic designer! The endless inspiration from the wonderful world ‘o blogger.

happy, happy!

7 responses to “close your eyes, i’ve got a surprise!”

  1. I love your blog {and your new look}. I’ve enjoyed checking in to see what you are up to since I stumbled across it!

    Good luck in school!

  2. Oh so so cute!! I love that you have your own button!! I want one too!

    So are you home yet?!! I’ve been missing you guys!

  3. Darling banner – so you! I can’t wait to here how school is going for you. You will be a great graphics designer, you are so creative. Though I fear you will NEVER sleep then!

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