clark planetarium

last week, dusty chaperoned kiana’s 6th grade field trip to the clark planetarium in slc. this turned out to be a great daddy-daughter day. the two of them sat all snuggled up on the bus,
while en route – duo-iPhone-ing.

Dusty said, on facebook, “First time on a school bus for… 22 years?? Fun, fun! I don’t remember it being this tight and uncomfortable… Probably because we were always busy doing other things! :)…How’s a person supposed to make it in these trying circumstances. :)”

story of the day: the 6th graders walked over to the food court at the ‘gateway‘ {best mall in utah, the only anthropologie in utah, is there} to eat their lunches… kiana realizing that she might have a chance to have her daddy buy her lunch at panda express or somewhere else, asks, “Dad, will you buy me panda for lunch?” Dusty’s reply, “no, you’re going to eat your sack lunch just like all the other kids…” then he proceeds to call me on my cell phone for back-up on the issue. During that time, while the 6th graders walked outside, down a sidewalk, to the food court…

kiana gave her sack lunch to a homeless guy.

generous girl.

a.k.a. sneaky.

…daddy bought her ‘panda express’ for lunch.

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  1. Wow, Kiana is really growing up. She is beautiful. She sounds like a very giving person too. Not just the sack lunch, but her bedroom to Myla. What a sweetheart.

  2. You can't get mad at that 😀 so funny! When a girl knows what she wants she's figure out how to get it.

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