church of the holy green trees.

no lie! this might be one of the most beautiful places, on earth.

“elm bank reservation”

thank you google maps for this aerial view
{used my little ‘screen shot’ feature on my mac for this, so don’t judge the photo quality!} —

last week kj started lacrosse & flag football; myla started lacrosse & field hockey all through a local kids club.
the classes are taught at ‘elm bank reservation.’

…our first day, we pulled in, crossed a truly magical bridge, and literally my heart did a little skip.

we made the slow drive around the reservation, one road going one way goes all the way around {exactly: 1.25 miles} – it’s windy, has little rolling hills, and is lined with the tallest trees. truly breath-taking. not to mention a pond/creek follows one side. the reservation is owned and operated by the massachusetts horticultural society, meaning: all 30+ acres are well-manicured with gardens, historical buildings, and unreal scenery.

kj & myla practice here.

so, while my athletic duo get their sports groove on, i’ve decided this is my time to walk/run around one of gods finest creations. i’ve noticed, i feel more in tune with gratitude and contentment when i’m outside in the heart of green beauty.

dear readers, what is your favorite scenery?  the northeast green settles well in my soul after being raised in the northwest.

3 responses to “church of the holy green trees.”

  1. What a beautiful place! Wow! Your pictures are gorgeous…the picture with the bridge is breathtaking! How perfect for you to be able to get your exercise in while your kids are there!

  2. Soon you will experience a fall like you won’t believe-and you will be such a short drive to the most vibrant colors-I can’t wait to see your photos of this and hear how your soul soars!!! Just you wait!!!

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