christmas eve…

we had enchiladas, clam chowder, mexican steak and cheese quesadillas…


after a beautiful day at the beach,
we visited the bland family to give them their christmas eve gifts…

keeping with this new tradition,
cabo xmas 2010 pro look shorts!

the adorable bland familia—

our familia—

{please note: when i’m truly on vacation there is no make-up and very little effort to do my hair!}

kj’s shorts were mis-sized just a little,
so he put them on for a picture but wore his other christmas jammies all night.

miss twelve and i watched this youtube tutorial about how to style a hair-ribbon,

then she tried it out for christmas eve…
she mentioned, “i feel kinda like minnie mouse…”
but i think it was pretty darn cute! would you style your hair in a ribbon???

this year, we all snuggled together for the christmas stories via youtube.
it was awesome. animated pictures and great stories—
plus none of us had to do the reading, or argue over who could see the pictures or who was going to hold the book! we all enjoyed it! sela was sound asleep after two stories…
and, we did not forget santa’s cookies and his reindeer treats!

we left santa a big chocolate chip cookie and “coke light” in true mexican tradition.
we decided he could use a little caffeine with such a busy night!
and, a couple of apples for the reindeer…

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