christmas day.

we had a beautiful christmas here in cabo. we shared the day with good friends, delicious food, and the pacific ocean. i’ve found what i like most about christmas here, it’s that it’s not over. if we were home, i would have already gotten a crazy cleaning bug to take down the tree, super-clean the house and move on…

but here.

oh, we love here.

here, the christmas tree lights are still a-glow, we’re still whistling christmas tunes, and each morning still feels like christmas morning with the toy blizzard that appears.

the season continues.

plus, we know that white stuff will still be there, for months, after we return home.

so, we will continue to soak up the sun. soak in the surplus of family time. and soak in our little life we have created here.

…as i’ve been blogging this, we are taking turns snuggling with miss four. she’s been sick the past 24 hours, high fever, headache, and an occasional upset stomach. it seems like a bug i had last week here for about six hours, only hers is lasting longer.

the Bland family went to the on-site doctor tonight, they have all been fighting head colds, sinus infections, you name it… someone between the eleven of us has it. so, we are hanging-low, and chillin’ when we already thought we were relaxing now we’re uber relaxing. long baths, running out to the patio to watch the sun dip below the ocean, family hot tub time after dark, tylenol, ibuprofen, extra naps… at least, we are in humidty & warm weather to re-coup.

the extra down-time gives us extra tv-watching/work/home-work/computer/video games/blogging time…but we’d all rather be at the beach, here’s hoping we wake up healthy.


5 responses to “christmas day.”

  1. Love your Christmas in the sun! Everone would always ask me if it was weird not having a white Christmas but it was just tradition for us, so it was normal. I always loved the peace and calm of just enjoying time away with the family and it seems you guys are enjoying it as well. Everyone looks so relaxe and happy – I love it! Don't let your husband enjoy himself too much – you just might find yourself living in Mexico one day 😉 Luvs to all and merry Christmas!

  2. I love it!!! i love how you made a home away from home for the holidays!
    darling fabulous christmas, and i love kiana's shoes! Your kids do have the best skin ever!

    i think i want to do christmas in mexico… looks fantastic!

  3. Oh my goodness, that's terrible! It seems like everyone I know has been having the Christmas bug, even you guys all the way in Mexico! I hope you're all doing much better now 🙂

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