christmas card love…

i was raised around an older generation that passionately believed in christmas cards.

back in the day they were always hand-written to every single person on the list. my mom still sits in her cottage behind our home and hand-writes all her letters, to every single person on her list. i know she’s been working on them for days and days lately. i do take a more modern {and raising four kids} approach, all two hundred recipients on my list receive the same photo-copied letter, everyone receives the same christmas card…however, i still passionately believe in the christmas card. even with blogging, and facebook, and twitter. i can’t let the art die.

…hand-writing. typed. fun fonts. address labels with snowflakes, holly and candy canes and little snowmen. i mailed ours out the day AFTER thanksgiving, yep, did you receive mine before anyone else’s??? and i have another hundred to hand-deliver! {workin’ on it!}

i love snail mail. and right now, it’s snail mail-season! i love it so much i re-read it. and pictures included? oh, died-and-gone-to-heaven. seriously.

i love christmas cards. i eat them, in fact. well, not so much eat them as pin them to my wall or cupboards and look at the pictures until february. then i cut out all the family pictures and tuck them in to little 4×6 photo albums. i have a small collection of these, years and years of wedding announcements, baby announcements, christmas cards. most of them, i can look through and find my family & friends at every stage of their lives over the past 15 years.

each time we’ve lived overseas, i take these little photo albums with us, and they are little memories from home for my kids to stay connected to everyone.
{i realize facebook does take care of this now!} but again, i’m not letting the art die.

so, please send christmas cards. it creates happiness!

8 responses to “christmas card love…”

  1. Oh Jane I love cards too….people don't send them to much anymore. It's sad…now days people just use e-mail…it's a lost art of personal communication and I wish more people would realize how touching and personal a card is, like you said you can touch it and cherish it forever if you want. Thanks for reminding us to keep things special and beautiful.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. The year we met you showed my your little albums and if you remember I fell in love with them and follow suit. My family cherishes ours. THANKS

  3. I too love the feeling of receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. I saw that Sela wants a barbie doll house for Christmas and thought I would share a website with you where we purchased our doll house, just in case you are still looking for one. They are incredible and are built custome in Herriman. My girls love it and we know it will be a doll house that is kept for generations. the site is Ours is the Hannah and we love it!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

  4. I'm so glad you feel that way 🙂 I too adore Christmas cards. I have one with your name on it that I planned to give to you on Thursday 🙂

  5. Well, shoot. I wasn't going to do Christmas cards this year, but I may have to make one just for you. Why did you have to blog this? Now I have anxiety and am thinking I do need to do Christmas cards! UGGHHH – guilt!

  6. i couldn't agree more!!! i love checking the mail everyday to see who sent their cards! I love love love it!!
    i was hoping to get mine out early enough to get out my new address. so far so good!

  7. I love, love, love sending and receiving Christmas cards!! We hang our Christmas cards that we receive from others on the back of our front door, so everytime we go to the door we see all of our wonderful friends and loved ones!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  8. shoot, i really had a goal to do christmas cards this year after a three year hiatus and well, it just didn't happen. But i'm with you-i loooooove them. 2011! I promise!

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