christmas around the world

I chaperoned for all my kids’ field trip this morning to
Christmas around the world, a very entertaining show performed at the BYU Marriott center by the BYU folk dancers.
While we were walking into the Marriott center, Myla spotted our neighbor and her good friend Elizabeth. They both attend different private schools and I thought it was fun to get a quick picture of them both in their school dresses.
Myla and some of her other girlfriends from school-
The show for the elementary schools is only one hour and they do dances that represent about 8 countries during that time. Of course, the Philippines was totally our favorite. They did the dance with the traditional “floor sticks,” and it’s always totally amazing that no one trips or gets their ankle pulled out from under them while doing it.

The only picture I snapped was at the end of the last dance which was one of the Russian dances (I didn’t want to use my flash during the main part of the show)
It’s always more fun to chaperon when other fun Momma’s are there too!
left to right: Tanya, Eva, and me…with some of our kids and a couple extra!
KJ really wanted one cRaZy picture with his buddies hanging on the railing-

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