“cheers!” to twelve years!

shannon & casey are one of the cutest couples around,
and on saturday we actually tagged-along on their
twelth anniversary date!

shannon has a private blog, so not all of you can read her cute engagement story she re-told for their anniversary, but it’s so sweet, I just had to post a snip-it of it here…

“(Our engagement story…)

It was in Boise that Casey surprised me with a proposal and it was those mighty home runs that paid for my ring. The Boise Hawks had a “Booster Club” that passed around “money buckets” to a nightly sold out crowd of @ 5,000 people any time one of the players hit a home run. The fans loved their Hawks and they LOVED Casey. So every time Casey hit a home run, around the money buckets would go. The club members told them to be generous because Casey was saving up to buy his girl a ring. So sure enough when I finally showed up to the next game wearing my brand new sparkly diamond, all the fans were asking for a peek at the engagement ring that they had bought me.”

so, off we went to dinner with the home-run hitter & his girl, to the new hot spot in provo, the communal, then we went to a movie. i cannot say enough good things about communal.

mainly, run, don’t walk. it is everything i hope for in a restaurant. fabulous atmosphere, fantastic food, i loved it. i already have plans to be there again, very soon, for a couple of different events because really people, it’s that good.


“the invention of lying”

really funny, the first five minutes.
then, a little funny.
then, lame. lame. lame.


happy twelve years, mr. & mrs. child!
thanks for letting us celebrate with you,
we adore both of you and cherish your friendship!

“cheers!” to many more years to come!

5 responses to ““cheers!” to twelve years!”

  1. haha!! K- your description of the movie was spot on and funnier than any of the parts actually in it!

    So, yeah thanks for spending basically the entire weekend with me!! Shower, Sleeping Beauty, Anniversary and even a litte time at Cozy's bday party yesterday!! Yayee!

    Good times, Love ya girl!!! 🙂

  2. sounds yummy! You have been wanting to try that spot for a while. I have never even heard of it.

    Thanks for the Reviews, i definitely won't be seeing this, which is a bummer b/c i love her!!

  3. oh hey! my dear friend betsy's brother-in-law is the genius behind communal. it's on my to do list over the holidays…hmmmm. may have to meet up!

  4. I love finding new restaurants. Sounds like a fun weekend with the Childs. I liked hearing about their engagement. I hadn't heard that story yet!

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