Chalk Art Festival @ The Gateway

I have a new goal. {again}
One day, I will be one of the artists in the Chalk Art Fesival.
I really enjoy festivals like this, and they {usually} inspire me.
Myla and I will do a picture together, she has already committed to me.

Trax was our chosen mode of transportation this evening, at last minute, we tried to convince the kids that we should drive straight there, but they all voted to ride TRAX.

The weather was perfect tonight, low 90s but we were walking the Gateway streets in the shade, perfect! I took pictures of most of our favorite chalk drawings. There were over 100 chalk drawings! The kids took advantage of free balloons {non-stop helium inhaling}, and chalk to color the sidewalks.

Then, we had a delicious dinner at one of my favorite places, Z Tejas!

A visit to the Gateway is not complete without getting a little wet in the fountains…On our way home, we stopped and grabbed a couple dozen donuts for the kids at Krispy Kreme…while everyone was making their request, KJ said:
“Mom, don’t forget one with sparkles!”

6 responses to “Chalk Art Festival @ The Gateway

  1. Okay, I so wish we hadn’t has such a busy Saturday already planned because this looks like it was so much fun! We are definitely going to have to plan (or hope to!) next year!

  2. Such amazing art work. I bet Myla was in Heaven. She is such a little artist!!
    We will do that next year for sure, it looks so cool.

  3. Did it take you like an hour to upload all of those photos? You are so dedicated!

    Love the pict of S with the large-as-life pop!!!

    Very cool outing!

  4. I love to read about your summer/spring break outings. You need to write a book with 1,001 ideas for Utah families in the summer!

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