ceramics class…

oh, the grief it caused me in the beginning!

one evening when i was in the studio putting in overtime hours, i had a senior ceramics student tell me i was going way too fast.

so, i slowed things down.


i fell in love with the pottery wheel.

isn’t that how life works?

sometimes we just need to slow down.

photos of all my projects from the class:

my complete collection.

my professor told me i was the first student to ever use only one color of glaze for all of my projects. i was never tempted to even try the other glazes. i love white dishes. most of my kitchen dishes are white. i love the appearance of food served on white.

another happy ending!

4 responses to “ceramics class…”

  1. you are so inspiring. POTTERY?! how amazing… i have always wanted to use a pottery wheel, but never had. I would totally ruin my projects bc i am way to fast at everything.
    way to go, they look beautiful!

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