celebrating baby sloane.

while i was in utah, we celebrated bex’s baby who debuted in may. i love seeing my friend so happy. she anticipated this little girl with such enthusiasm for so long, and it felt so good to share in her joy for one afternoon…

baby sloane’s nursery is neutrals so i wanted to use the same neutral color scheme for the afternoon – white, natural, brown, and a little dash of pink.

just a few of us got together for a little lunch. i used dandee’s idea here as inspiration for our lunch crates. each crate included: one homemade sandwich wrapped in parchment paper and brown kraft paper tied with a twine bow, a bottle of voss water, cherries, red grapes, gingersnap cookies and a few other yummy treats!

i gave everyone a wine sized kraft bag full of smartfood white cheddar popcorn as a favor. my original idea was to include a little tag that said, she popped! however, i’ve always had a negative connotation towards the word popped in relation to a pregnant woman. it makes me cringe. so, i never got around to making the tags, it’s just an idea – if you are not bothered by the word. ::smiles::

i am so thankful for my friend, a constant support and continued source of friendship. and this little sloane, she is infinitely loved.

{images by me.}

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  1. Avery has that same Peek shirt, but in navy. No idea it came so small. Adorable. Super cute crates!

  2. Fabulous shower! Love the Decor! Do you know where the beautiful round table is from? I am looking at round tables and they are so very difficult to find. Thanks!

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