celebrating baby kelsey

she is bright-eyed, beautiful, and only eighteen days old.

baby kelsey. what a doll!

her momma sure looks good in pink.

my dear friend caryn has three handsome sons. they are ages 13, 10, and 7 years old. caryn took the courageous journey through pregnancy after a seven year break, and for the entire NINE MONTHS never found out what she was having…till this sweet tiny bundle was born.
{we were all just dying to know!}

and now, we couldn’t be more pleased that this precious girl joined their family. pink has taken over the house!

tonight, we took a little time to celebrate this little one…

welcome, baby kelsey…

thank you to all the women who came, it was such a joy to shower caryn & kelsey with gifts. thank you for all your help in hosting the event, it was a beautiful evening.


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