Celebrating baby Ivy…

Jenn and I hosted a baby shower luncheon for our dear friend Shannon today in Jenn’s beautiful backyard. She will be having a baby girl very soon, and when it’s your 5th baby – you deserve to be spoiled even more!!!

the cute tables & party favors,
Our centerpieces were individual wraps of daisies & baby pink roses for everyone, personalized M&M’s that said, “it’s a girl!” and “Ivy,” and Jenn made adorable CD’s of music, “for Ivy.”



Shannon and her presents!and, the blanket I made for her –
this is one of my favorite girl fabric combinations so far!We had one game at the baby shower –

Who wants to catch the garden snake?

Susan was the only winner!!!
Front and center:
2nd row: Bethani/Daphne/Lucrecia/Caryn/Roxanna/Cherisa/
Melanie/Jenn/Heather/Tasha/Rebecca/Lacy/Cory’s Mom
3rd row: Janette/Diane/Cynthia/?/?/Becky/me

6 responses to “Celebrating baby Ivy…”

  1. Such a Wonderful shower! I love that you said “5” kids… seriously my body is done! haha
    Loved the Whole day, thanks so much!

  2. Well if that isn’t the cutest baby shower I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is! It looks straight out of a movie. Good job, girls!

  3. It was such a beautiful day – weather, food, company – everything was perfect! Thanks for everything, you always have such great ideas and you make everything so cute! You seriously missed your calling as an event planner. If you guys were ever hard up for money you could start your own business. Of course, you would have to move to California where people would actually pay you and we couldn’t let you move unless we were all ready to go too. OK – this is starting to wander – thanks again! It was a blast!

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