volleyball nite

August 7, 2009

number six!

our evening was extra wonderful because we had special guests who are in town visiting this week. they included the granums and the farnsworth’s! it was so great to have these friends here for an entire evening. we only wish we always had more time with you.

scotty told me tonight, “jane, you have an awesome backyard.” and in reply i reminded him… “i love our backyard, but having our backyard packed full of incredible friends is what we really love.”

thank you to everyone who visits our home. some of you spend more than two hours driving time to get here…we really appreciate that you take time out of your busy schedules to pack up your families,


volleyball nite

July 29, 2009

number four!

funny story about our champions-picture. after our first round in the volleyball tourney, we THOUGHT we were the champions. had our celebration. took a picture. THEN we found out it was double elimination tonight. whoops. but that’s OK, because we still ended up being the CHAMPIONS! totally rocked. good karma!

i didn’t get very many pictures tonight. my camera was passed around, but not put to use. bummer. and our action shots were all blurry, not sure why, but by the end of the night my camera was back to normal.


hot summer nights

July 26, 2009

we managed to have three volleyball nights this week.


love summer.
love friends.
love good food.
love volleyball.

life is good.

tonight was adults-only; no kids. except my little sickies of course 😉

first big story of the night?

Gordy SAVED me when i was trying to get my grill lit, he came over to help and just about six inches in front of me as i was right over his shoulder, we had a HUGE gas – fire flame! i’m saying, HUGE! Gordy singed his hair. eyebrows. eyelashes. and gotee. yep, he saved me! the picture below does not do justice to how singed he was…


hot summer nights

July 22, 2009

we are making up for lost time…
for most of June and July it was raining or we were traveling.

this was volleyball night number two!

{everyone MUST click on the picture below to see it larger. omgosh, so funny!}



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