friends, to complete this week …

i wanted to share one last post about my favorite spotted valentine’s from around the web,
plus a gift guide for any of those people you love & what you could buy them to celebrate.


one two three
four five six
seven eight nine

If your valentine enjoys gaming, you could visit and buy them an online gaming account! happy weekend my friends! do you have plans?
our niece &


plane awesome valentine’s!

January 25, 2012

…for KJ’s valentine cards {also called friendship cards in this neck of the woods!}
i wanted something that he could create almost on his own. + treat free.

he really enjoys making paper airplanes {what eight-year-old boy doesn’t?!?}
so… we purchased a chunk of red card stock & he went straight to work making these:

my little man really got into it, he googled airplane patterns, and was folding and cutting and making each one really unique.

download the plane cool labels here!
you can print them on regular paper &


great *beau* valentine’s

January 24, 2012

i mentioned yesterday that sela wanted to give the girls and boys separate valentine’s this year…

for the boys, i wanted to come up with something that was very charming {not something to throw-out in the trash as soon as they were home!}, and original, but still masculine.  and, no treats – candy, etc. – are allowed.

with all these requirements, i finally thought about bow-ties & beaus!

i pulled out the extra fabric from these drawstring bags.  i did not want to get out my sewing machine and spend too much time per bow-tie. instead, i used hot-glue and created a very simple pattern that took only a few minutes start to finish per bow-tie.


we have had a strange winter in new england. after all the crazy stories about how awful it would be, we have only had one snowstorm this past october and that is it! it’s been beautiful, and unseasonably warm.

however, week before last we had two days of rain + i had two kids fighting stomach bugs, so they stayed home from school. this was the perfect opportunity for us to create valentine’s day cards!

…and that we did.

all of our card designs this year are treat-free, so if that is something you need, these might be good for you. {i will be posting 3 ideas this week.}

sela has 9 boys &


my valentine.

February 18, 2011

we kept things very low-key this year.

i’ve been recovering from a minor surgery that i’ve put off for years and finally took care of. so, i wasn’t looking to go grand-scale with plans.

my husband always comes through when it comes to gifts, flowers, and all the romantic stuff i could ever wish for.

he planned our dinner here with good friends, which is a fresh & swanky kind of joint.
i highly recommend the flank steak.

and, this + this appeared on my kitchen table with big bows around them…


wanna trade?

February 18, 2011

this year, two of my girls lucked out with the cutest shirts from ‘one stitch at a time.’

alison, is a familiar link around here, because she used to be a sponsor for see jane blog. since i no longer have sponsors, i still love trading goods whenever possible! i created some new graphics for alison and her shop, and she created these darling-one-of-a-kind shirts for sela and myla

i still have a surprise coming in the mail for st.