minecraft valentines!

February 9, 2013

as promised, here are the “boy” valentines for this year. however, i use the term boy loosely – at our house, minecraft is a very co-ed passion. my son kj, and my younger two daughters all enjoy playing minecraft – with that said, kj is the true video game playa at our house, he enjoys playing the game as well as minecraft hosting. so, i really wanted to create something minecraft-related for his valentines this year.

i have been thinking about this valentine idea for weeks and i believe the possibilities are endless. for example, i could have used the word, “mine” a few dozen different ways! finally i settled on wishing you a crafty valentines day!


cheerleader valentines

February 6, 2013

how many more things can i create with a yarn ball? ha! here’s one more! this idea came to me a few months ago when i was wrapping my fingers one afternoon to make a yarn ball, and thought, pom poms! of course! we cheer with pom poms! three cheers for valentine’s day! i instantly visualized a little card with a tiny cheerleader. and….. this idea is perfect timing this year since my little bug sela has been obsessed with cheerleaders!

soon after i had this idea, i asked my very talented friend merrilee of mer mag blog to create the illustration on the front of the card for me.


one of my favorite events at alt summit is the “sponsor dinners.” on the eve before classes and all the party-ing begins, alt sponsors and the best restaurants in salt lake city host complimentary dinners for groups of alt attendees. you get a great meal and a chance to hang out with some of your favorite blogging buddies.

this year, i wanted to meet and mingle with the talented people from minted, so i signed-up for their sponsored dinner at cucina tuscana. minted went above and beyond with the decorations, menu choices, custom notebooks for each guest, and of course the company!

if you haven’t visited minted before,


hey friends. happy martin luther king day! i am posting from a salon in utah while i sit with my laptop on my lap and tin foils all over my head! getting my hair done is one of my favorite things ever. you?

last week, kiwi crate sent us their valentine crate, and i wanted to start the week off by sharing the details with you! first, this crate full of crafty goodies was the perfect distraction for my sela when i was packing for Alt. Summit. she does not like her momma leaving her and i was having a hard time getting anything done with her tugging at my leg!

happy mail saved the day!


yarn wrapped kraft bags

February 13, 2012

in honor of valentine’s day tomorrow, i came up with an easy, inexpensive way to spruce up plain kraft bags —
simply wrap yarn around the handles, and voila!
you now have a snazzy little keepsake bag to give your valentine a gift in…

step 1: starting on one side of the handle, tie your yarn in a knot.

step 2: wrap the yarn around the handle.

step 3: at the end, using strong tape {i recommend clear packaging tape}, tape the end in place inside the bag.

get creative with this!



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